Looking for a way to improve your website performance, attract more customers, and double your sales? Here are 5 features Shopify scalable software offers for all Australian businesses!

Good news for all Shopify online stores out there – there are 5 hidden features that can help you simplify your business processes, promote your items, improve the shopping experience, and double your sales.

If you are looking for a way to step out from the crowd and take your Australian online store to the next level, look no further and take advantage of these great features:

1. Easy Quick Search: Need to find a customer, product, page or product collection? By using the Shopify’s Admin Search, you can find anything you need. All you need to do is click the “S” key to bring up the search option.

2. Scheduled Product Launches: Scheduled publishing is an excellent feature for all those who want to schedule a new product post, page or collection ahead of time. For example, you can say you are launching a new product page and before you publish the page, you can get all of the content and photographs ready and decide when they will become visible.

3. Handy Shortcuts: Ecommerce solution Shopify uses shortcuts to make administration work simpler and time-efficient. You can find the full list of Shopify’s shortcuts on the Shopify website (in the official document on shortcuts).

4. Two-Step Authentication: You can now fully protect your Shopify store with this two-step authentication feature. By using this feature, no one can’t access your store (even if someone discovers your password). You can start using this feature, go to Settings > Account > Name and find Two-Step Authentication. There you go, it is pretty simple.

5. Customer Groups: We all know how important is to organize the potential customers, but what about the existing buyers? When it comes to retargeting, repeat sales, email marketing, and etc. grouping and selecting your customers is a must! You can easily set up customer groups by saving the researches you have done on customers based on specific filters. You can group customers however you like.

We hope these 5 features Shopify ecommerce scalable software offers can help make you and your store more productive. You will have more time to focus on your customers and come up with strategies that can make your store even more successful.

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